Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Durable, energy efficient and easy to maintain Fenestra Swing is an excellent option for any home. The wood aluminium window opens outwards and the architrave is 115 mm deep. The frame and architrave are covered with aluminium profiles from the outside. The outer frame of the window can be turned inwards to be able to wash both glass surfaces from within the room. The model comes in a variety of finishing options. All our products are tested by approved test labs.

Wood aluminium window SWING

  • U value up to 0,70 W / m²K
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Made of high-quality materials compliant with quality standard EVS-EN 14351
  • Selective glass insures world class thermal insulation
  •  Windows are custom made based on clients’ measurements and in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality system.


Wood has been selected and processed based on quality standard RT 103241. Architraves are made of glued laminated timber (pine) with at least three layers using weatherproof glue D4.


Weatherproof and easy-to-maintain aluminium parts are powder coated or anodized. There are a wide range of colour options, ask for further information.


The standard package includes triple glazing with improved properties that are compliant with SFS standard 3K4Sel/4/4Sel-18 CU+ARG.
The glazing is 48 mm thick. The middle strip is 18 mm wide.
Safety glasses, glazing for improved sound insulation and reduced solar radiation effect available with special orders.

Technical specifications of product


Standard architrave depth 115 mm
Width: min 495 mm / max 1650 mm
Height: min 545 mm / max 1780 mm
Maximum window frame weight 80 kg
Larger dimensions available for special solutions

Insulation: ?

U-value with standard glass 0,83
U-value with special glass 0,70
test measure 1 230 x 1 480 (TÜV)

Sound insulation: ?

Standard glass Rw = 33-45 dB


We use various high-quality sealants.

Surface finish:

Wood details are coated in our factories with weatherproof paints (RAL), stains or lacquers (AkzoNobel TINTEX). There are a wide range of colour options.


Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Fenestra products come with handles and anti-closure latches included as standard. We can also provide you with suitable handles with a child lock for the windows and balconies that you need. There are a wide range of different models: explore our standard range below and find the right one for you.

Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Fenestra windows and balcony doors come in a wide selection of colours. Check out a suitable RAL or RR catalogue for preferred colours and the Akzo TINTEX catalogue for a preferred stain.

Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Both wood and wood-aluminium windows can be ordered in varying shapes and sizes. You can have rectangular, square, triangular, round, trapezoid, angled or arched windows. Whatever suits you best!

Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Window glazing can serve as a decorative element in the home or, where necessary, obscure the view from the outside or the inside. For example, Satinovo glass is an excellent choice for washrooms as it lets in light while shielding you from the eyes of outsiders. We offer something for everyone.

Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Mosquitos, flies and other unwelcome guests tend to be a problem in spring and summer, this is where an insect screen comes in handy. The screen can be set up on the inside and added to windows that open.

Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Stylish venetian blinds that match your home’s decor make life as convenient as possible. We recommend ordering them with the windows, as they are much more costly and time-consuming to install later.

Single frame wood aluminium window SWING

Air vents help ensure functioning ventilation in your home by keeping indoor air fresh and healthy. The vents are designed to mix outdoor air with the warm indoor air in the upper part on the room, thereby avoiding draught.