10 steps how to choose the right window or balcony door for your home.

Before heading to the store, consider your wishes and requirements.

Before heading to the store to buy windows or balcony doors, consider your wishes and what requirements you have for the products. This way, our sales consultants can provide you with solutions that best suit your home. You can always contact us for assistance if you are not quite sure what you prefer.

Terms and conditions

Location and building regulations:


Where is your home located? When selecting window glasses, be sure to consider cardinal directions and potential noise sources such as roads and streets with a high volume of traffic.

Building regulations

Before purchasing windows and balcony doors, read any heritage conservation or building regulations and other restrictions which may apply to the building.

Glazing requirements

What type of energy efficiency class and U-value, sound insulation and sun protection do you need

Energy efficiency class and U-value

Windows have a significant impact on the energy performance of a building. Energy-efficient windows minimise energy loss and help save on heating costs, which is especially useful if you have large windows.

Sound insulation

Can you hear noise from the road or other constant noise in your apartment or a specific room? The type of windows you opt for will greatly impact sound insulation, e.g. tilt and turn double frame windows are extremely efficient. In addition, insulated glazing can further help improve sound insulation.


Blinds, fresh air valves, surface finish, grilles and insect screens all help you feel more comfortable at home.

Sun protection

Do your widows face south or west? This is not something you need to concern yourself with if your windows have sun protection, as these windows will maintain a suitable ambient air temperature all year round.

Air vents and valves

What size air vents do you need and how should they be positioned? In some cases, apartment owners may be required to have a window or an air vent in every room.

Fresh air valve

What solution is used for the ventilation of the building? Sometimes, it may be necessary to increase the income of fresh air in older buildings. This can easily be achieved with fresh air valves built into windows.


In what direction would you like to be able to open your windows? The handedness of windows is usually determined on the inside. If your windows open to the left, the hinges will be on the left side and if they open to the right, the hinges are on the right side.


What kind of locks would you like your doors and windows to have? Are there small children in the family and you need additional locking options?

Appearance and accessories

Doors and windows are decorative elements. Handles, cremone bolts and latches, ventilation windows and air vents, hinges, the surface finish and locking system thereof – there are a lot of opportunities.

Fixtures and the surface finish thereof

What type of fixtures do you like? There is an infinite range of handles available for Fenestra windows. There is a solution for every idea! For more information look HERE

Surface finish

What colours match the style and appearance of your house? In addition to standard tones, you can use our colour chart to choose the perfect tone for your home. The colour options are endless, see for yourself HERE

Venetian blinds

Do you need darkening or sun protection options in your home? In addition to being practical, blinds also make for good interior decorations as they can be ordered in any colour. We offer traditional blinds as well as modern window coverings with integrated controls.


Would you like to add decorative moulding to your windows? We offer a range of different moulding designs and colours to choose from.