About the company

Fenestra AS has been offering high-quality and energy efficient wood-aluminium windows and balcony doors since 1992. We produce our windows and doors in two factories, one of which is located in Tallinn, Estonia, and the other is in Loimaa, Finland. Clients can visit Fenestra sales offices in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. Our product selection covers residential houses as well as public buildings and we also put emphasis on personalised solutions.

We know that no two homes are alike and for this reason all Fenestra windows are tailor-made. We use manual labour as well as machinery to make our products with the best quality possible. Check out our products and treat your home with windows that will last for years to come!

Our specialists will help you decide on the finished look as there are infinite options. We are always here for you!


years of knowledge and experience

68 000

units produced in 2020


of clients recommend us to others


increase in sales in 2020


We follow best production practices to offer eco-friendly, energy efficient and durable windows and balcony doors based on the personal preferences of our clients.


Deliver the best windows and balcony doors to everyone with the best team possible.


The aim of the project “Fire resistance of opening fillings” is to determine the fire resistance class of opening fillings and to certify products. As a result of the project, fire resistance classes were determined and certificates were issued for openable and closed window type. The amount of support from the European Regional Development Fund is up to 20,000 euros.

FENESTRA AS holds the
ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate for sales, installation and production processes

By adding a CE marking on construction products, the manufacturer confirms that the product meets the requirements of any appropriate EU directives. Products with CE marking have been tested in accordance with European standards to ensure that all manufacturers are subject to equal requirements and conditions.