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Durable and customised

Fenestra windows and doors are designed to last in the harsh Nordic environment. We consider the special requests made by clients and design an optimal solution for each individual home. Our experts will always be by your side to offer advice!

  • Nordic

    Our products are specifically designed to meet the requirements imposed by our Nordic climate conditions. We employ state-of-the-art machinery and manual labour to ensure the best quality. We take pride in the fact that we can provide windows and doors that best fit Estonian conditions.

  • Cooperation

    We partner with professionals in their field and also work closely with end clients. We know well that keeping clients satisfied is the best business card we could ever have, be it construction companies, real estate clients or home owners.

  • Simplicity

    We know just how complicated the process of buying and installing windows and doors can be. Over the years we have optimised our services to be as seamless as possible for all our clients. For this reason, we promise to be there for you throughout the process, from planning to follow-up services.

  • User friendly and special

    We produce and help you pick out doors and windows that meet the strictest of demands. We know that Fenestra products are expected to last for decades to come and our innovative solutions and high quality support this goal. We are also flexible and offer special solutions.


We value quality in every work operation we perform, from design to production, customer service to installation. We always do our very best to keep clients happy, and all our activities are based on ISO 9001 standards.


We always keep our promises and respect our clients and their time. We are aware of our role and acknowledge that we have to be accurate and keep to agreements to ensure a seamless operation.

Quality-price ratio

We believe everyone in Estonia deserves the best and our goal is to produce windows and doors that are suitable for local conditions. We aim to offer products with the best quality-price ratio, and all our products come with CE marking.


Our wide range of services is designed to support you in all areas, whether it be with consultation, measurements or installation.


Our professional sales consultants make buying a window or a door super easy and always give good advice.


All our doors and windows are on display in the showroom. There is something here for everyone!


Our specialists take measurements to make sure the desired window matches the wall and advises on installation.


Our products are made with both machinery and by hand to ensure top quality.


By having our specialists install your windows, you can count on a convenient solution that meets high quality standards.

Follow-up service

We offer maintenance services for all our windows and doors and all of Fenestra’s products have a two-year warranty.


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